it's Daksh this side and I work on web3 things (as you can tell by the gradients). find me on twitter or github.


metapass - a platform which leverages NFTs as tickets to events.
evm explorer - a tool to allow evm devs for testing out evm contracts without building a graphic UI. simply plug in ABI & contract address and be ready to go.
ENS-tar - ENS-tar is a tool which allows you to set your ENS Avatar, you can either use your NFT or a custom avatar to set it.
Wagmi Signatures - Wagmi Signatures is an on-chain protocol for writing and signing agreements. Users can use Private/Public Key signatures to verify authenticity of the agreement.
go eth me - a go fund me like fundraiser alternative for ethereum blockchain.
dislog - a initialize once, use everywhere discord logging library to send application logs directly to discord.
Bridge - an ethereum bridge built using liquidity pools & the graph to index events. currently only native ETH <-> MATIC on rinkeby & mumbai supported
Comebacks AI - A simple AI which generates comebacks for you. Built using OpenAI's GPT-3.

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