gm, it's daksh and I like to work on distributed systems. my topics of interests are identities, optimizations and blockchain security.
come drop by and say hi on farcaster / x (prev. twitter) or checkout what I'm upto on github.


coinvise (current) - working full time as a full stack engineer, building for more monetization opportunities for creators.
devfolio - worked as an product intern for a while (~1 year) and built multiple crypto native features including, but not limited to, crypto staking, crypto cheers, quadratic voting, etc.
metapass - built an onchain ticketing platform which leveraged NFTs as tickets. wrote all of the EVM contracts and built the frontend and backend with the team. scaled it to over 2000 users in ~3 months with over 1000 tickets sold across irl and virtual events.


evm explorer - a tool to allow evm devs for testing out evm contracts without building a graphic UI. simply plug in ABI & contract address and be ready to go.
ENS-tar - ENS-tar is a tool which allows you to set your ENS Avatar, you can either use your NFT or a custom avatar to set it.
Wagmi Signatures - Wagmi Signatures is an on-chain protocol for writing and signing agreements. Users can use Private/Public Key signatures to verify authenticity of the agreement.
Comebacks AI - A simple AI which generates comebacks for you. Built using OpenAI's GPT-3.
nebula protocol - nebula protocol is a onchain identity aggregator for consolidating all identities under one roof.
nebula wallet - nebula wallet is an account abstracted wallet which uses passkeys to sign transactions.

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